* His testimony in 1994
“Finally, I could keep the weight off. By the second day of using Shape-PATCH, I had lost 1 Kg. (2.2 lb.); two months later, I lost 11 Kg. (24.2 lb). Now I weigh 64 Kg. (140.8 lb.)” C. Abreu, Florida, USA

*His testimony in 2004
“I’m glad to tell you that all these years I have retained the same weight level I had 10 years ago when I used Shape-PATCH. This is a recent photo wearing a small T-shirt. And this has been possible with no diet or exercise!” C. Abreu, Florida, USA

If you are concerned about weight
loss chances are...

that by now you have heard about several products and systems to lose weight that promise “miracle” results. And chances are as well that you might be a part of the 95% of people that have lost weight one way or the other only to regain all the weight they lost, or even more.

The reality is that almost anyone can lose weight by dieting, using pills, patches, or exercising. The problem, and what at the end is most important, is to keep that weight off…

But, is it possible?

Yes! Shape-PATCH works differently than any other weight loss product. It works exclusively by controlling the appetite in a natural way until the body gets used to eating less. This is why even if you continue eating all kinds of food you like, you will be eating less of it.

When you eat less the body is forced to melt-off stored fat to complete its daily required calories and that is how you lose weight.

And this is why the weight you lose is
gone forever!

Shape-PATCH is the only product ever to prove that the weight you lose NOW will be kept off throughout the years to come!

This happens because you get used to eating less and therefore you will feel satisfied with less food. Less food means fewer calories and fewer calories means that you will not regain weight! As simple as that!

All this makes Shape-PATCH completely different from anything else, specially from the frustrating “yo-yo” effect of other weight loss programs.

It also explains why Shape-PATCH has been around since 1992
in 40 countries helping thousands of people of all ages to lose weight and keep it off!

Study proves that
Shape-PATCH is safe and
effective for children
6-12 years of age!

Study made in the
United Kingdom confirms
that Shape-PATCH
is effective in 90% of cases

As per study made by
Canadian physician
Shape-PATCH made lose
1 Kg. per week, average

The award winning study named "Evaluation of the Treatment of Obesity in School-Age Children with Patch-Technology" conducted by the Sieff Hospital, Israel, under direction of Drs. V. Weisntein, M. Gershoni and A. Luder, proved the use of Shape-PATCH as safe and effective for children 6-12 years of age. This study was one of the 20 studies selected to be presented in a Pediatric Congress held in Israel in February 2005.

A study was made by the famed British laboratory Reading Scien-tific Services Limited, Reading, UK with 110 participant ages 25 to 70 years that wanted to lose at least 14 pounds (6.3 Kg.). From the 103 people that completed the study, 48 received Shape-PATCH and 55 re-ceived a placebo. The total weight loss of those using Shape-PATCH was significantly higher (90%) than those using the placebo. This study last for 30 days.

Another study was conducted by Dr. Patrice L'Ecuyer, MD, PHD, in Canada, with 88 participant ages 26 to 48 years, 68 of them were women. All of the participants were between 10 and 30% over their healthy weight. Average weight loss on those using Shape-PATCH was 1 Kg. (2.2 Lbs) per week. This physician supervised study was conducted for 60 days and none of the participants were on a diet during the test period.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off don't waste time and money.
Go the sure way. Use Shape-PATCH: America's #1 Weight Loss Patch!


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